SIETAR Europa – Management and Operations Team Leader wanted

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As part of the new structure of SIETAR Europa, The SIETAR Europa Board and Executive Officers are looking for a Management and Operations Team (MOT) Leader to work with us on a voluntary basis.

The role of the MOT is:
• While the SIETAR Europa Board prepares the annual strategic plan, the role of the MOT is to implement that plan.
• The work of the MOT is supervised by the Board. The Vice President is the contact person for the MOT.
• The Treasurer is the contact person for financial issues. He/She has to sign off on financial issues.
• The Office Manager is part of the MOT.

The Head/ Leader of the MOT (Day-to-day Manager)
• Puts together the management and operations team (MOT)
• Leads the MOT and its operations
• Implements the strategic plan of SEU
• Ensures that strategic objectives and plans are met
• Liaises with board and participates in, and contributes to board strategy meetings
• Shares information on a regular basis with the Board
• Collaborates with and reports to the Vice President of SEU
• Liaises with committee heads and supports the work of the committees
• Is informed about the status quo and the activities of national SIETAR organisations under the umbrella of SEU

• At least 7 years managing a team, project(s), company or business
• Affinity with the domain of intercultural education, training and research
• Intercultural sensitivity and experience of multi-cultural teams
• Leadership skills
• Strong planning and organisation skills
• Sense for innovation
• Ability to work virtually and with a multi-cultural team
• Very good English language skills (written, spoken)
• Good IT skills
• Ability to organise self and others
• Good project management and time management skills
• Able to multi-task
• Able to set up, structure data and manage processes
• Excellent communication skills
• Bring diverse experience to SEU organisation
• Team leadership skills

The Benefits of this Role with SIETAR Europa:
• Experience of working in an international organisation
• Working in a multicultural and virtual setting/team
• Contribute to the development of an international multi-cultural organisation
• Free access to SIETAR events in Europe
• Honorary member of SIETAR Europa for time in this position
• On completion of term, a testimonial from SIETAR Europa

The Position:
This is a voluntary position, it is estimated that it would require 20-30 hours per week. The timeframe for this voluntary position is recommended for a minimum period of 2 years. As it is a voluntary position, the candidate can leave at any time, however it is preferable to collaborate in this capacity for a minimum of 2 years with the possibility of extension.

Ideally, we are looking for candidates with a track record in managing a team, project or small company. Once the Head of the MOT is selected, that person will help put together the team. The team will be a group of individuals who will work with SIETAR Europa on a voluntary basis as interns.

Please note, this is a virtual position. The candidate will manage a virtual team, all meetings and communications with the team and the SIETAR Europa Board will generally be held in a virtual space using zoom and skype platforms. The SIETAR Europa Board meets face to face once a year, it is anticipated that the Head of the MOT will also be part of this meeting.

Interested candidates should send a CV plus a letter addressing why they believe they are suitable for this position to Ms Christine Longe at by 10 January 2018.

Thank you for your support and collaboration!
The SIETAR Europa Board and Executive Team