Charter for global Sietar

Accepted by the SIETAR Europe Board in Wien d.d. March 27th 2009

Granada, 23 October 2008

SIETAR organisations around the world are committed to each other and to the following principles:

  1. All SIETAR organisations are committed to encouraging and supporting research, education, and training in the field of intercultural relations that is directed toward an increase in the understanding and acceptance of differences among peoples of different cultures and an increase in competence in diversity among the peoples of the world.
  2. All SIETAR organisations subscribe to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  3. All SIETAR organisations are open to all people who share the values formulated in this charter and in their statues. No applicant will be rejected for membership in SIETAR, because of his/her place of residence, citizenship or his/her educational or professional background.
  4. SIETAR supports and encourages all theoretical and practical approaches to the study and practice of diversity that increase intercultural understanding, whether coming from academia or through practical experience in the many field applications, and from any geographical, ethnic or cultural origins.
  5. All SIETAR organisations will be member of the SIETAR Global Council and are represented on the Council by designated representatives from the national or supranational SIETAR organisations in the area of the world in which they are located. New SIETAR organisations must be approved by the Global Council after following procedures that are advertised and fully accessible.
  6. Joint activities and agreements between SIETAR organisations around the world are promoted to strengthen the ties between SIETAR organisations.
  7. Violations of the mission and values stated above and political positioning of a SIETAR organisation or group that fails to support the philosophy and the charter of SIETAR will be critically examined by the SIETAR Global Council and could lead to exclusion from the Network.

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