A closer look at integration from the perspective of the newcomer

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10/01/2018   19:00 - 22:00
Seats2Meet, Utrecht Centraal Station

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A film of Noureddine Erradi ‘DJEMAA EL FNAA’ will be showed

This film of Noureddine Erradi is a report on reverse integration: policy makers and city councilors with integration in their portfolio traveled to Morocco to experience for themselves what it feels like to integrate in another country. They stayed in Marrakech for a week and took lessons in Arabic language, society and culture at a local school in a nearby small village. The project included all aspects of integration, including learning the Arabic language and culture, and personally engaging in new situations (such as a work situation). Reverse integration meant for them: getting out of their comfort zone. It is a touching and meaningful film.

Maya Butalid participated in this journey when she was still a city councilor. She is now working for the Council for Refugees in the southern region of the Netherlands, and is an active member of Sietar. She will respond to questions and be part of the panel.

Adel AlBaghdadi, Founder of WE Organization will speak about his organization and will give a short talk about identity and labels, important aspects affecting integration.

After the film a panel discussion will follow.

Noureddine Erradi is coming! He will open the event and will take part in the panel discussion.
Noureddine Erradi – Chairman IFA, Advisor on Immigrants social skills exams Dutch Ministry of Integration, Advisor on Social skills issues for immigrants by The Dutch cabinet, Coordinator of European projects – was born in 1956 in Casablanca, Morocco where he studied Arabic, French and English. In 1983 he went to Paris to study at the Sorbonne. In 1989 he began teaching social skills to newcomers in the Netherlands. He has been working in the field of intercultural relations and intercultural communications for over 25 years. Currently, he is the Interculturalisation Coordinator and Chairman of IFA (Integration ForAll) in The Netherlands and Belgium. He has also served as the Coordinator Of European Projects during which time he worked on issues concerning immigration, integration, and intercultural dialogue.
In an effort to promote intercultural understanding and dialogue, Erradi has directed and produced Five award-winning documentary films in which European teachers, administrators, and policy makers participated in simulated integration programme.
He also coordinated the Sietar Europa Congress Film Festival 2017 earlier this year.

Adel AlBaghdadi
Adel AlBaghdadi comes from Damascus, Syria. He boldly calls himself a ‘Change Maker’ because he makes the daily decision to be part of the solution and not the problem. He believes in possibilities, in a better future and is determined to create it.
Born out of the need to cultivate spaces for empathy, cross cultural understanding and effective communication he founded the WE Organization. It is a young innovative, socially-conscious and action-oriented initiative which aims to develop various projects targeting different segments of the society in order to combat xenophobia, build bonds and promote social inclusion. “WE are THE REFUGEES” | “WE are THE ELDERLY” | “WE are THE LABELS” | “WE are THE INFORMATION”.
He aspires to make a meaningful, transformational and sustainable change for an enhanced well-being. He envisions a society based on core values that encourage people to be constructive, productive and peaceful while embracing and cherishing diversity.

Luca Paroni
Luca Paroni is a Biomedical Engineer from Milan, Italy. He works in a medical device consultant company, Lifetecgroup, a spin off of TU Eindhoven. Apart from his work he is passionate about travelling, cultures and social anthropology. In 2015 he decided to make a personal journey to understand (with an engineering mindset) the regulations and grey areas of legitimization in Europe in terms of migration. Luca decided to do it directing a documentary called ‘Article 13’. It is a documentary about refugees who went through the asylum request process in Eindhoven and the Netherlands. During his journey with the camera he met politicians, migrants and activists both from right wing and left wing.


19:00  Arrival with coffee and tea
19:30  Introduction by Noureddine Erradi
19:45  Film Djemaa El Fna
20:15  Q&A about the film
20:30  Presentation by Adel AlBaghdadi

21:00  Break

20:15  Panel discussion
21:50  Closing words
22:00  End

Free for Sietar members, interested non-Sietar will be asked to pay €20 in cash upon arrival at the venue.

How to get at Seats2Meet? Watch the movie
Moreelsepark 65, Utrecht (Hoog Catharijne, Kantoren Hoog Overborch, 2e etage)


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