Trends in Cross-Cultural leadership Today – Carla de Waal

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February 16th, 2022

In February Carla de Waal presented a session on Trends in cross-culturalism today. Did you know that 29% of students doing a BA in the Netherlands come from abroad? That 25% of Dutch citizens are, or have at least one parent who comes from abroad? That the movement towards non-binary (ie. Not necessarily male or female) sexuality is widely accepted amongst the youth? That both employers and employees are making part-time work from home a priority? That remote working makes it possible for you to work from anywhere in the world but that it also makes it possible for

employers to hire people from all over the world? That diversity and Inclusion jobs are highly in demand but that the general feeling is that companies are not implementing it in a meaningful way? And finally, all of the above requires leaders to be able to work with (relatively) new realities which makes it necessary for them to have inter-cultural and D&I competencies.