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Code of ethics
As a guideline for professional conduct in the field of diversity, inclusion and intercultural education, training and research of the members, SietarNL has developed a Code of Ethics. The Code serves as a guideline for the professional conduct of diversity and intercultural education, training and research for those members who have signed the Code. Creating guidelines is a dynamic process that constantly requires self-reflection and a critical look, from both the individual members and from Sietar NL as a whole.

The Code of Ethics is intended to enable members of Sietar NL to:

  • maintain and promote individual professionalism;
  • constantly examine existing ethical guidelines, critically assess them and stimulate discussion about them;
  • provide a framework for self-reflection

The full code of ethics can be found here:
Ethische-Code (NL)
Code of Ethics (ENG)


If you want to sign the code of ethics, click here.
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