SIETAR Europa Cook Book

As you probably are well aware, we wanted to start the Cook Book sale in Dublin. Unfortunately, the delivery was lost and we were unable to sell them at the congress, though we searched the university campus for hour. You can imagine how disappointed Ann-Kristin and I were, as we had hurried so much to finalise everything in time to start the sale in Dublin. Anyway, WE ARE READY AGAIN. Order now! You will be billed when we receive your order. It will be delivered as soon as stock is received. Please fill in the form.

SIETAR Europa – Call for volunteers: Webmaster

Want to work with a great, fun, inspiring team as part of a pan-European association of professionals in the field of intercultural education, training and research?
We are looking for a Webmaster to join our Communication Committee. You will perform a variety of administrative tasks, such as updating our website (based on Joomla). As part of the communication committee you are invited to participate and develop in strategic communication issues as well. Organizational skills and good communication skills are of utmost importance.


  • Updating SIETAR Europa Website according to needs. It is required to create articles, update the menu and make changes as they are requested.
  • In charge of SIETAR Europa YouTube Channel, upload recorded webinars, interviews etc..
  • Keeping the SIETAR Europa CMS and its plugins up-to-date
  • Upgrading the CRM when new versions are released
  • Managing the Membership management system


  • Organizational skills
  • In-depth understanding of the Joomla platform (or desire to learn 🙂
  • Hands-on experience with MS Office
  • Good verbal and written communication skills in English
  • Basic knowledge of HTML and FTP
  • Some knowledge of CRM, i.e. CIVICRM
  • Basic video-editing knowledge
  • Desire to expand your IT skills

Interested in staying abreast of the latest research and practices in the field, meeting fascinating people from a broad range of backgrounds around the world and participating in shaping the future? Please mail us a short email with your CV.

Algemene Ledenvergadering 2017

De ALV van 6 april 2017 was één van komen en gaan van actieve leden. Ursula Brinkmann is teruggetreden als voorzitter van Sietar Nederland. Tijdens de Complimenten Show, verzorgd door Dieko Boekel, was het voor de leden duidelijk dat we Ursula – na zes jaar bestuurswerk, waarvan twee jaar als voorzitter – zullen gaan missen. Zij werd geroemd om haar intellectuele competenties, haar kracht tot het leggen van verbindingen, haar netwerk en om haar strategische visie.
Lees hier een samenvatting van deze bijeenkomst, met de belangrijkste besluiten en personele mutaties.

June 16 – Leadership in diversity & Diversity in leadership

As a manager you want to make the most of the qualities of your team members. Not only their personal qualities, but also the qualities that are part of their cultural inheritance. Moreover, many organisations are becoming increasingly international. Cultural diversity can be a giant asset to a team. People who think and act from different perspectives and frameworks enable a team to be more creative and come to better solutions.
Read more…

Klik HIER voor de flyer met het Jaarprogramma 2017 .

Doris Gottlieb – de WPPF-methode

 ‘Een persoon is alles wat die meebrengt, inclusief cultuur, maar niet ondanks cultuur’.

Op 8 februari heeft Doris Gottlieb tijdens de bijeenkomst ‘Strategische visie Sietar NL’ het gesprek geleid via de Whole Person Process Facilitation (WPPF) methode. Naar aanleiding van deze workshop had Charlotte van Keulen een een diepgaander gesprek met Doris over deze methode en hoe deze toegepast wordt om interculturele interacties te verbeteren. Lees hier het hele interview.


Zina – (premiere) – Theater – vr 14.04.2017, 21:00 uur
Als nieuwkomer probeer ik in jouw taal mijn wereld te ordenen.
Woord voor Woord. Betekenis voor Betekenis. Ontmoeting voor Ontmoeting.
Laat ons samen verlegen en ferm de gemeenschappelijke taalzone instappen, zodat we elkaars woorden gaan proeven en de lust van het vocabulaire ontdekken. Meer info

“Bird in the Room”

Docs For Education is proud to distribute “Bird in the Room” (Tirza Atar – Zipor Bacheder), a film for all those interested in Israel, Jewish & Israeli culture, theatre and songs, Hebrew literature and poetry.  Written, Directed and Produced by Ari Davidovich

 Two poets, father and daughter, in a dangerous game of words. The mysterious life and death of Tirza Atar (1941-1977) – the daughter of poet Nathan Alterman, one of the all-time paragons of Israeli and Jewish culture. Atar composed hundreds of poems and song lyrics that penetrated the hearts of large audiences, wrote popular children’s books and translated plays staged in theaters. Nevertheless, her fragile, beauteous image and her short, turbulent life remains shrouded in mystery, many years after her tragic death at the age of thirty-six. The film fuses the fascinating parts of the life and work of this slight woman of prodigious talent, a kind of local princess, whose entire being and output were enmeshed in her complicated and charged relationship with her father, a national poet. The film includes brief enactments, with the participation of an actress, that converge – along with recollections, song segments and photos from her private family albums – into a multilayered emotional and lyrical journey that illuminates not only the life and work of Tirza Atar but also the life and work of Alterman.
Trailer: Here is a password protected link as a preview; password: birdy2306.
More info: Nahum Laufer , ,

Diversiteit in de (top)sport

Op 22 februari was een flinke groep aanwezig bij de bijeenkomst van SIETAR over Diversiteit in de (top)sport met drie interessante bijdragen van Susan Salzbrenner, Mark Schuurman en Tom Fadrhonc en interactieve discussie in subgroepen, over de vraag: hoe kunnen we de grote uitval in het voetbal voorkomen van jonge sporters met een niet-Nederlandse achtergrond?
Sietar-leden kunnen de drie presentaties van deze avond van Suzan Salzbrenner, Tom Fadrhonc en Mark Schuurman , alsook de foto’s en flappen downloaden via deze pagina.
Wellicht komt er een follow-up. Diegenen die hierin actief willen worden, iets aan willen kondigen of een initiatief hebben – laat het weten aan Nikki de Jong (06 – 4022.8011)