25th June: Webinar Ethics, Culture and You

Sietar Netherlands has recently introduced a Code of Ethics. It has not always been easy. Their journey to finally realize a Living Code of Ethics, combined with a compliance procedure and a compliance committee, has taken three years.
Join us for this special webinar 2PM, 25th June 2018 to meet the three Sietar members that were deeply involved from the beginning. They will be happy to share their breakthroughs and methods with other Sietarians and interculturalists interested in building up professionalism and process within their own national Sietars and organisations. 

Jacqueline Franssens represents the board of Sietar Netherlands and Teuni Looij and Yvonne van der Pol  will represent the working group that arrived at the Code of Ethics. They will tell of their highs and lows on the journey to successfully making a robust Code of Ethics. 
In the webinar they will answer key questions; Why a Code of Ethics? How did they organize the work? And, How did the process evolve? On what topics did they receive support? And, Where did they encounter most resistance? Finally, Why did they move from working on a Code of Conduct and end up deciding for a Code of Ethics? 

Join us for this important broadcast and do please take the opportunity to ask your questions and discover for yourself what is needed to reach a meaningful outcome.

To register simply click here  and follow the Gotomeeting instructions.

Initiatives to prevent genocide

The story of Maurice Kwizera
In close cooperation with Sietar France we have invited Maurice Kwizera to talk to us and to the Sietar France community. He will share his personal story about the genocide in Rwanda and the challenging process of reconciliation to prevent genocide in the future. Save the date: Thursday 24 May 2018.
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Sietar Europa General Assembly meeting

We are pleased to invite you to a General Assembly meeting on June 7, 2018 at 7 pm CET. Please note, this General Assembly will be held virtually. More information and relevant documents will be provided on April 26.

Please find here the Agenda for the General Assembly meeting.
Outline Agenda:

  • President’s Welcome
  • Minutes from General Assembly in May 2017
  • Board of Directors Activity Report (June 2017-May 2018)
  • Treasurer’s Report (2016-17) and Proposed 2018 Budget
  • Proposed Activities in 2018-2019

Terugblik: Hoe werkt ‘verkleuring’ van onze samenleving door in de ouderenzorg?

De opkomst viel wat tegen maar diegenen die er waren vonden het “een super interessante avond, zeer inspirerend, levendige discussieavond, een programma dat ten aanzien van diversiteit, naast inhoud ook uitblonk in woord en daad, een goede combinatie van panelleden, taaie materie, mooie ontwikkelingen en tegelijk: wat gaan veranderingen traag”. Lees meer in de Sietar NieuwsLijn.

“Nichts ist so beständig wie der Wandel,” sagte Heraklites schon. (Niets is zo constant als verandering).
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New board Sietar Europa

Dear SIETAR-ians!
I am delighted to welcome our new executive officers team to the board.

President: Joyce Jenkins, also serving as the President of SIETAR UK
Vice-president: Hanneke Brakenhoff, Board representative from SIETAR Netherlands
Treasurer: Linda Vignac, also serving as the President SIETAR France
Secretary – presently vacant

I am very confident in this wonderful executive team having worked with each of them through the years. I am also very confident in the many capabilities of our talented Board Members (link to SEU Board page). SEU is in good hands! Sometimes it feels like contributing to the Board is tedious and time consuming. But it is also our contribution to help shape a field and organisation we are passionate about. I have always felt it a worthy contribution.

Dr. Pari Namazie

International conference Pune, India

The India chapter is pleased to announce the next international conference in Pune, India on February 17 – 18th of 2018.
As a consequence of globalisation, intercultural competence emerged as an essential component of working, studying, and thriving in a world where technology had shrunk geographical space and increased the frequency and complexity of global interactions. Read more: download the flyer SIETAR INDIA 2018.  You might also be interested in the Conference Proposal Guide.

Sietar NL vacatures

Activiteitencommissie: Nadat Ebru Erkilic en Wieteke de Jong afscheid hebben genomen van de AC  en Leendert-Jan Verhappen is toegetreden, zoekt de AC nóg een lid. Wie komt ons team versterken? Heb je belangstelling of wil je eerst meer weten, stuur een mail naar activiteiten@sietar.nl