12 december – In samenwerking met Control Alt Delete vertoont Sietar de aangrijpende documentaire Verdacht. Nederlanders doen hierin verslag van hun soms bizarre en onthutsende ervaringen met de politie, Dionne is mede-oprichter van Control Alt Delete & IZI Solutions. waarbij hun huidskleur hen tot verdachte maakt. Lees meer, meld je aan…

De Sietar-bijeenkomst, Intercultureel talent in de corporate wereld – Werving & Selectie op12 september, was zeer geslaagd. Op 9 oktober hadden we een interessante bijeenkomst met Sirous Kavehercy .


SIETAR Europa Webinars 2019 – Call for proposals! (Reminder)

The SIETAR Europa Virtual Events Team is happy to announce that we are now accepting proposals for webinars and congress tracks in 2019.

In 2018, we have 11 webinars organized. (One more than in 2017!) So far this year close to 300 people have attended and we have gathered over 60 participants per webinar on average. We have integrated a Feedback to allow us to continue to improve the quality of our webinars.
For these reasons, we are looking forward to offering a very interesting selection of webinars again in 2019. If you are interested in presenting a webinar in 2019, please submit your proposal via this SIETAR Europa 2019 Webinar Proposal form.  If you have any questions, you may contact us at

Call for submissions: you van apply possible congress tracks untill 15TH NOVEMBER 2018.

Global research team looking for partners

For the last four years we have been studying Cultural Intelligence in Eastern Europe, as a joint US-European research team. As an outgrowth of that work the research now is expanding to study global teams. Therefore we are looking for potential subjects (e.g. teams) for this research who can come from academia, non-profit or business sectors. At this stage, we are still developing the methodology of our global teams research, and therefore are also interested in getting in touch with colleagues working on the same or similar topic.
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Intercultureel talent in de corporate wereld – Werving & Selectie 12 september 2018

De Nederlandse economie bloeit en groeit. De crisis is voorbij, en bedrijven zien hun orderportefeuilles zich vullen. De BV Nederland draait op volle toeren. Organisaties hebben moeite om aan personeel te komen en economen spreken van een van ARBEIDSKRAPTE: sinds lange tijd zijn er meer vacatures dan werkzoekenden. Tegelijkertijd ondervindt een belangrijke groep Nederlanders problemen met het vinden van een (eerste) baan. Vooral jongeren met een migratieachtergrond komen maar moeilijk aan de bak. Ze lijken de AANSLUITING MET DE ARBEIDSMARKT te missen. Wat is hier aan de hand en hoe valt dit te verklaren? Lees meer…

Sietar España Congress 28th – 29th September 2018

Intercultural Competence: A Key for Inclusive Organizations and Societies
The 1st SIETAR España Congress (28/09/2018 – 29/09/2018) will be an intersectoral conference, where professionals from different realms of society (business, academic, public administrations, NGOs…) will discuss the topic of inclusion. This Congress aims to become a platform to exchange innovative ideas and to debate different aspects of interculturality. We will also have a close look at how this interculturality permeates different fields, such as education, research, and civil and business organizations. After this Congress, one thing will become clear: the intercultural competence will stand out as one of the most decisive tools when ensuring inclusive organizations and societies in our modern world.
Inclusion is everyone’s responsibility!

East and West Bridges Event Helsinki-St. Petersbrug 26th – 28th October 2018

SIETAR Russia & SIETAR Europa present a special “East and West Bridges Event” from Helsinki to St. Petersburg 26th – 28th October 2018, organized by SIETAR Russia in collaboration with SIETAR Europa. Relations between Russia and the West are at the lowest point since the Cold War. What can be done to improve the relationship? Save the dates!

25th June: Webinar Ethics, Culture and You

Sietar Netherlands has recently introduced a Code of Ethics. It has not always been easy. Their journey to finally realize a Living Code of Ethics, combined with a compliance procedure and a compliance committee, has taken three years.
Join us for this special webinar 2PM, 25th June 2018 to meet the three Sietar members that were deeply involved from the beginning. They will be happy to share their breakthroughs and methods with other Sietarians and interculturalists interested in building up professionalism and process within their own national Sietars and organisations. 

Jacqueline Franssens represents the board of Sietar Netherlands and Teuni Looij and Yvonne van der Pol  will represent the working group that arrived at the Code of Ethics. They will tell of their highs and lows on the journey to successfully making a robust Code of Ethics. 
In the webinar they will answer key questions; Why a Code of Ethics? How did they organize the work? And, How did the process evolve? On what topics did they receive support? And, Where did they encounter most resistance? Finally, Why did they move from working on a Code of Conduct and end up deciding for a Code of Ethics? 

Join us for this important broadcast and do please take the opportunity to ask your questions and discover for yourself what is needed to reach a meaningful outcome.

To register simply click here  and follow the Gotomeeting instructions.

Initiatives to prevent genocide

The story of Maurice Kwizera
In close cooperation with Sietar France we have invited Maurice Kwizera to talk to us and to the Sietar France community. He will share his personal story about the genocide in Rwanda and the challenging process of reconciliation to prevent genocide in the future. Save the date: Thursday 24 May 2018.
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Sietar Europa General Assembly meeting

We are pleased to invite you to a General Assembly meeting on June 7, 2018 at 7 pm CET. Please note, this General Assembly will be held virtually. More information and relevant documents will be provided on April 26.

Please find here the Agenda for the General Assembly meeting.
Outline Agenda:

  • President’s Welcome
  • Minutes from General Assembly in May 2017
  • Board of Directors Activity Report (June 2017-May 2018)
  • Treasurer’s Report (2016-17) and Proposed 2018 Budget
  • Proposed Activities in 2018-2019