(Multi)culturele psychologie

Is de psychologie van de toekomst nog wel voor iedereen?
You say either (eye-ther) and I say either (ee-ther), You say neither and I say neither… Als verschillen tussen groepen minimaal zijn, vereist een aanpassing van onze referentiekaders een minimale inspanning. Wanneer deze verschillen echter significant groter zijn, kan deze aanpassing tot fundamentele veranderingen in onze eferentiekaders leiden. Hoe moet de psychologie met zulke veranderingen omgaan? Op het symposium ‘When culture matters…’ wordt het debat aangezwengeld omtrent deze vraag, die nu dringender wordt gesteld dan ooit tevoren.
Download het NIP katern SEPT 2017

NIP Symposium “When culture matters”

 Met het Symposium “When culture matters” op 2 november 2017 levert het NIP  (cross)-culturele studies een bijdrage aan de ontwikkeling van psychologie als wetenschap. Hoewel diversiteit actueel en zeer relevant is, wordt cross- culturele psychologie nog steeds gezien als een ‘vak apart’ in het academisch curriculum, en niet als een noodzakelijke wetenschappelijke onderneming. Echter, de bijdrage van deze studies aan de ontwikkeling van de psychologie is fundamenteel gebleken en wellicht ook revolutionair. Meer informatie:  download de flyer.

Datum/tijd: 02/11/2017 ,   12:30 – 20:30 
Locatie: Zaalverhuur 7, Boothstraat 7, 3512 BT, Utrecht

Werkconferentie Internationalisering Onderwijs

Op deze open en interactieve Werkconferentie op 11 november praten we met ervaringsdeskundigen over de wens en realiteit van het (internationale) onderwijs. We praten met 4 of 5 experts aan discussietafels door over de ‘opbrengsten’ van het congres op 20 september (je hoeft daar niet geweest te zijn om nu deel te nemen!).  We hebben al toezegging van een aantal lectoren, waaronder Jos Walenkamp en Jos Beelen. Lees meer…

Proposals for SEU webinars in 2018

Sietar Europa is are now accepting proposals for webinars in 2018.  These events have proven to be extremely popular over the last four years, and very appreciated by SIETAR members as an opportunity for learning, updating knowledge and connecting with other members of the SIETAR Community. In the year 2017, we have 10 webinars organized. So far this year over 500 people have registered and we have gathered over 60 participants per webinar on average.
For these reasons, we are looking forward to offering a very interesting selection of webinars again in 2018. If you are interested in presenting a webinar in 2018, please read carefully the guidelines in the following template for proposals, complete it and submit your proposal with the subject line: “2018SEUWebinarProposal_LAST NAME” by email to Maura Di Mauro & Linda Vignac.

SOFTWARE OF THE MIND 2.0 Cultural Diversity builds Innovation

You can look forward to enlightening talks and insightful discussions. An exceptional lineup of experts from industry, academia and government institutions will deliberate on the importance of cultural diversity to foster innovation.

Keynote speakers:
Professor Dr. Geert Hofstede, Peter Zijlema – IBM BeNeLux, Professor Gert-Jan
Hofstede, Bart Somers – Mayor of Mechelen, Belgium (World Mayor for the
year 2016)

This event is free of charge. Places are limited. Registration is required: http://bit.ly/2uI6KHm
Download the pdf Invitation- Software of the mind 2.0 for more information.

Professional development of lecturers: the missing link in internationalisation

Hogeschool Den Haag organiseert i.s.m. Sietarleden het Seminar Internationalisering Onderwijs. Op woensdag 20 september buigen we ons over de vraag:  Hoe kunnen docenten het hoger onderwijs daadwerkelijk internationaal maken? Aan bod komt o.a. samenwerkend leren en de international classroom. Georganiseerd door Hogeschool Den Haag; Sietarleden zijn van harte uitgenodigd. English spoken.
Download hier de flyer van de Hogeschool. Aanmelden kan via het ticketkantoor.

SIETAR Europa Special Interest Group on Migration.

There are just a few items for your attention here and there will be more information soon.

1. We have established a small “Provisional Leadership Team” to help get things moving. This is a temporary measure until the SIG members agree a process for the creation of a more permanent structure for leading the group’s activities. The Provisional team is: Joe Kearns, Heike Stengel, Cynthia Tilden-Machleidt, Iris Barnert, Anna Zelno
2. We are planning to hold a face-to-face in Berlin the week-end of November 17th to 19th – details to be announced. Please pencil it into your calendar if you think you can be there
3. We will put in place a process to ask each of you to formally join the Special Interest Group. This is to ensure you know what the group is about before joining and that you are happy with the principles, processes and plans
4. We will put forward a document outlining a proposed structure for this SIG for comment. This will also be a “provisional” structure which the membership can change should that be needed

We look forward to this SIG being a very active group! It is hoped that all members will take initiatives to organise mini-events throughout the year. We also envision “sub-groups” of more specialised interest areas under the general topic of Migration.

We will also create mechanisms to allow the sharing of knowledge and to offer support to each other. It is important to note that we expect to share knowledge with the wider SIETAR membership as we don’t want to be seen as a “closed” group.

SIETAR Europa Cook Book

As you probably are well aware, we wanted to start the Cook Book sale in Dublin. Unfortunately, the delivery was lost and we were unable to sell them at the congress, though we searched the university campus for hour. You can imagine how disappointed Ann-Kristin and I were, as we had hurried so much to finalise everything in time to start the sale in Dublin. Anyway, WE ARE READY AGAIN. Order now! You will be billed when we receive your order. It will be delivered as soon as stock is received. Please fill in the form.

SIETAR Europa – Call for volunteers: Webmaster

Want to work with a great, fun, inspiring team as part of a pan-European association of professionals in the field of intercultural education, training and research?
We are looking for a Webmaster to join our Communication Committee. You will perform a variety of administrative tasks, such as updating our website www.sietareu.org (based on Joomla). As part of the communication committee you are invited to participate and develop in strategic communication issues as well. Organizational skills and good communication skills are of utmost importance.


  • Updating SIETAR Europa Website according to needs. It is required to create articles, update the menu and make changes as they are requested.
  • In charge of SIETAR Europa YouTube Channel, upload recorded webinars, interviews etc..
  • Keeping the SIETAR Europa CMS and its plugins up-to-date
  • Upgrading the CRM when new versions are released
  • Managing the Membership management system


  • Organizational skills
  • In-depth understanding of the Joomla platform (or desire to learn 🙂
  • Hands-on experience with MS Office
  • Good verbal and written communication skills in English
  • Basic knowledge of HTML and FTP
  • Some knowledge of CRM, i.e. CIVICRM
  • Basic video-editing knowledge
  • Desire to expand your IT skills

Interested in staying abreast of the latest research and practices in the field, meeting fascinating people from a broad range of backgrounds around the world and participating in shaping the future? Please mail us a short email with your CV.

Algemene Ledenvergadering 2017

De ALV van 6 april 2017 was één van komen en gaan van actieve leden. Ursula Brinkmann is teruggetreden als voorzitter van Sietar Nederland. Tijdens de Complimenten Show, verzorgd door Dieko Boekel, was het voor de leden duidelijk dat we Ursula – na zes jaar bestuurswerk, waarvan twee jaar als voorzitter – zullen gaan missen. Zij werd geroemd om haar intellectuele competenties, haar kracht tot het leggen van verbindingen, haar netwerk en om haar strategische visie.
Lees hier een samenvatting van deze bijeenkomst, met de belangrijkste besluiten en personele mutaties.