SIETAR Europa Journal

The March – May 2018 issue of the SIETAR Europa Journal is available online.Content:

  • an interview of Mai Nguyen-Phuong-Mai, an extraordinary and atypical intercultural professor at the  Amsterdam School of International Business. Through her extensive research in neurology and evolutionary biology, she takes us on to a new perspective and clarity on what intercultural competence actually means.
  • an article by Milton Bennett on how political correctness, an extreme form of relativism, generates bias and hostility. He argues that we need to make conscious commitments to constructing viable ways of living in the new world.  
  • a short and fun essay on the subtle differences in British and American communication styles. 

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“Nichts ist so beständig wie der Wandel,” sagte Heraklites schon. (Niets is zo constant als verandering).
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Initiatives to prevent genocide

The story of Maurice Kwizera
In close cooperation with Sietar France we have invited Maurice Kwizera to talk to us and to the Sietar France community. He will share his personal story about the genocide in Rwanda and the challenging process of reconciliation to prevent genocide in the future.
We are working on a program which includes some other contributions and that will start with an informal meal.
The location is likely to be a theatre in Amsterdam. Save the date: Thursday 24 May 2018.

New board Sietar Europa

Dear SIETAR-ians!
I am delighted to welcome our new executive officers team to the board.

President: Joyce Jenkins, also serving as the President of SIETAR UK
Vice-president: Hanneke Brakenhoff, Board representative from SIETAR Netherlands
Treasurer: Linda Vignac, also serving as the President SIETAR France
Secretary – presently vacant

I am very confident in this wonderful executive team having worked with each of them through the years. I am also very confident in the many capabilities of our talented Board Members (link to SEU Board page). SEU is in good hands! Sometimes it feels like contributing to the Board is tedious and time consuming. But it is also our contribution to help shape a field and organisation we are passionate about. I have always felt it a worthy contribution.

Dr. Pari Namazie

Sietar Europa Webinars

In 2017, more than 500 participants attended our 10 webinars – thank you very much! This coming year, the Events & Membership Committee has organised 11 webinars on many different subjects with speakers from many different countries and we hope that even more of you will attend in 2018. Recordings of our webinars can be found on our SIETAR Europa YouTube Channel here! We are constantly uploading past webinars as well! We also have a Global SIETAR Events calendar, don´t miss checking it out here! Next year’s calendar presents a wide range of themes from a truly international panel of presenters. Click for the complete SIETAR Europa 2018 webinar program.

Next webinar: Thursday, 22 March, 18:00-19:00 CET
Speaker:Helen Sayers: UBUNTU! The Spirit of Humanity
: exploring the creative art of building bridges between communities, cultures, and hearts. more…
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SIETAR EU – Management and Operations Team (MOT) Leader wanted

As part of the new structure of SIETAR Europa, The SIETAR Europa Board and Executive Officers are looking for a Management and Operations Team (MOT) Leader to work with us on a voluntary basis.

The role of the MOT is:
• While the SIETAR Europa Board prepares the annual strategic plan, the role of the MOT is to implement that plan.
• The work of the MOT is supervised by the Board. The Vice President is the contact person for the MOT.
• The Treasurer is the contact person for financial issues. He/She has to sign off on financial issues.
• The Office Manager is part of the MOT.

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SIETAR Europa Migration SIG: LinkedIn Group

Joe Kearns informs us the LinkedIn Discussion Group is now open for business.  In order to join the group you should click on this link
 and then request to be added to the group. Some of you from the Brussels meeting are already members. If you are already a member you will see that.
LinkedIn has changed its rules recently and you now must link to me, as group moderator, before you can join. If you are NOT already be connected to me, it will suggest you do so. Most of you are already connected to me.
Look forward to more activity from next week.