April 21st: SEU Webinar “Cultural Dimensions – What Are They Good For, Anyway?”

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Abstract: In recent years, the works of Hofstede, Trompenaars and several others who defined different sets of Cultural Dimensions drew substantial criticism among interculturalists.  Pointing to the com¬plexity of ‘real’ cultures, in themselves usually hetero¬geneous and in constant evolution, as well as the impact of multicultural individuals and groups, critics refute these models as static, overly simplistic and limited to an outside-in perspective.
This session gives a short overview of existing models and then discusses shortcomings and applica¬bility of Cultural Dimensions in general.  We will identify areas where such models offer value and discuss ways to exploit that value.  The focus of the webinar is on helping participants weigh pros and cons of using Cultural Dimensions in their own respective field of work. The webinar targets anyone who regularly or occasionally facilitates intercultural training.

Date/time: April 21st, from 16.00 till 17.00 (CET)
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Lothar Katz heads cross-cultural business training and consulting company, Leadership Crossroads, based in Berlin and Houston. 
The author of The Global Business Culture Guide (2014) and Negotiating International Business (2007) served/serves as a regular guest lecturer at universities in the United States, Germany and Turkey.  In several of his publications he discussed the applicability of different aspects of Cultural Dimensions in intercultural learning.