16 sep 2020


15:30 - 17:00

The Floor is Yours, webinar #3: “Shift the Power” by Manon de Courten

Shift the Power: how can we contribute to the movement of decolonizing development cooperation?
The international field we commonly call ‘development cooperation’ or ‘aid’ is currently faltering as a system that is perpetuating inequalities. The growing international debate on Shift the Power addresses structural power imbalances in the functioning of development cooperation between the Global North and the Global South. The whole aid chain is permeated by a ‘white savior’ complex and power structures that maintain colonial dependence relations. 

In this webinar, Manon will, first of all, share the X-Ray of development cooperation from the Shift the Power perspective. Based on discussions and research that she actively follows, she will also point to alternatives that are already shaping the post-development world. 

Then we will explore in an open discussion on how we can contribute to this shift.  How do we put to practice our commitment  – to developing diversity and inclusion for individuals, groups, organizations, and communities – in the field of (post-)development cooperation? Which opportunities can we seize? Shall we revisit our own professional practices, adjust our roles? Shall we forge new alliances, reach out to new audiences? Let’s seek together how to help shift the power!

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