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02 jul 2020


14:00 - 15:30

The Floor is Yours, the online edition (EN): “Peer feedback in the international classroom” by Jannemieke Geesink en Ingrid Bartels

Twee andere sprekers die graag hun “The Floor is Yours” presentatie online willen delen met ons, zijn Jannemieke Geesink en Ingrid Bartels.


Two other speakers that would like to share their “The Floor is Yours” presentation with us are Jannemieke Geesink en Ingrid Bartels.

Jannemieke Geesink: is a lecturer at HAN University of Applied Sciences/International School of Business for about 15 years. One of her fields of interest in creating cultural awareness amongst international students. For her research project about “Peer feedback in the international classroom”, she won a Comenius Teaching Fellow grant. She will present the first findings of this project.

Ingrid Bartels: who has a Ph.D. from Leiden University is a senior lecturer in International Business at HAN University of Applied Sciences. She studied Japanese Language and Culture in combination with the specialization of Management Studies at Leiden University. Her interest in cultural differences emanates from her own experiences of growing up as a Dutch child among Japanese and Japanese Brazilians in the north of Brazil. Nowadays she also works as a researcher for the Centre of Applied Research International Business at HAN, focusing on global skills and local challenges in the context of intercultural awareness, diversity & inclusion, and cross-cultural collaboration projects for private, semi-private, and public institutions. Besides, she is native in Portuguese and Dutch and has professional work proficiency in English, Japanese and Spanish. 

Research Project “Peer feedback in the international classroom” – In April 2019 I received a Comenius grant for the research project that is described below. I’m halfway the execution of this project now and would love to share information about the project and the findings and results up till now. Although the focus of the instrument lies in the application in education the instrument might also be useful in professional situations. Peer feedback is a powerful instrument for learning. By seeking and giving peer feedback students will become active partners in their learning process. Learning and mastering these skills will help them not only during their studies but also to become curious professionals. For this and other reasons peer feedback is an instrument that is increasingly being deployed in higher education. Arnhem Business School (ABS) has a student population of about 65 different nationalities. During their first-year project work students have to give feedback to their group members. The experience of years has shown that there is a difference in the way students give feedback to each other. This appears to be related to their cultural background. Giving peer feedback and developing intercultural competences make an appeal to similar skills. This makes giving peer feedback an ideal instrument for learning in the international classroom; it will contribute to the development of intercultural competences. Using peer feedback as a tool in an international classroom requires proper training and guidance of students, related to cultural values, differences, and understanding. Using peer feedback with a consciousness of and a willingness to learn from different cultures will not only help students to become curious professionals but also develop their intercultural competences. This project focuses on the development and testing of an instrument for students for providing peer feedback, including its contribution to the development of intercultural competences.

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