13 jun 2020


10:00 - 11:30

The Floor is Yours, the online edition (EN): Key-note Dr. Mai Nguyen

We zijn blij aan te kondigen dat de key-note spreker van het ‘The Floor is Yours’ evenement, dat in maart zou plaatsvinden, dit ons online aan wil bieden!
We are happy to announce that the key-note speaker of the ‘The Floor is Yours’ event, initially planned in March, will offer us her presentation online!

Dr. Mai Nguyen-Phuong-Mai is an Associate Professor at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. Together with her study at King’s College London in a Master’s program in Applied Neuroscience, she has been recognized as a bridging figure between interculturalism and cultural neuroscience. Her latest book Cross-Cultural Management with Insights from Brain Science adopts the notion that culture is dynamic, context is the software of the mind, opposing values coexist, change is constant, and individuals can develop a multicultural mind.  

In the modern era of international business, the ability that individuals and corporates can adjust and change is critical. But we can’t turn away from a fact that change has a low rate of success. Only 25% of corporate change initiatives are successful over the long term. Old habits die hard. This presentation discusses the neurobiology of change and the challenges we face in change management. It uses insights from neuroscience to shed light on the reasons why change is so challenging and introduces a change management framework called STREAP-Be. This framework provides concrete strategies that can help individuals and organizations to face the challenges of cultural adaptation and creation, reaping benefits from being in sync with the dynamics of culture. A collective such as a company is not different from humans as a species or individual persons in the sense that its culture is both persistent and evolving. Humans may find it difficult to change, but we are built to adapt. And we are the only species that can do so deliberately. 
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