23 jun 2021


19:30 - 21:00

Sietar NL webinar: Embrace Your Ignorance

Embrace Your Ignorance: A proposal for where culture and diversity work begin

I have nothing to teach you. What happens when we start our exploration of culture or diversity and inclusion from this starting point? Which mistakes can we avoid? Which new opportunities do we open ourselves to?

These are some of this questions this webinar will address.

Both culture and diversity work rely on the basic premise that the more you know, the better you will act. But the idea that you can know culture or that you can know what another persons’ experience is, that you have a special insight, is also one of the greatest stumbling blocks we face in growth. Knowledge leads to certainty to arrogance, in some cases. How can embracing not knowing give us a new path forward? What happens when we let go of the idea that there’s something to know and embrace the idea that we can’t know?

This webinar will combine stories of my own experiences in teaching intercultural awareness and wading in to the depths of diversity and inclusion work. Ultimately, being comfortable with not knowing means embracing a child-like curiosity. That’s a curiosity that isn’t burdened by stereotypes and expectations, but one that tries to grapple with situations and people and the world we find ourselves in from a primary, maybe even emotional, and certainly more vulnerable place.

Do we dare?

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About the host: Christine Taylor

Christine helps people learn to use stories to find their voice so they can and communicate and connect with confidence. She helps clients find, craft, and tell their stories. She founded StoryCraft in 2017 and teaches storytelling and intercultural awareness for groups and individuals. She is a member of the SIETAR EU Journal committee and the SIETAR NL Diversity & Inclusion Work Group.

This webinar will be held in English. 

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