12 - 20 mrt 2021


Gehele dag

Sietar Ireland’s first online congress

Sietar Ireland invites you to their first online congress from March 12th to the 20th

“As Ireland, our organizations, and communities become more culturally diverse, our intercultural experiences and identities are becoming more complex. People across the country and business sectors are having more intercultural experiences, requiring a very specific mindset, skills set, and heart set. Whether you were born in Ireland or arrived as refugees, migrants, or business expatriates, it is more important than ever before to have a better understanding of culture and its role in our lives and work. Intercultural competence is imperative to have positive and effective intercultural experiences and a better understanding of our evolving identities.

SIETAR Ireland is inviting leaders and learners from all sectors and the community to come together to discover, learn, and share intercultural concepts so that we may be able to more effectively bridge our intercultural experiences and identities. 

For more information, visit Sietar Ireland’s website here.

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