18 mei 2021


18:00 - 19:00

SEU Webinar: Augmented agility for Virtual Teams

Augmented agility for Virtual Teams: Is it possible to experience “real” agility in a remote working environment?
Accelerating change of technology, quicker response times and changing requirements are some of the drivers that are pushing businesses worldwide to embrace agility. The post-COVID-19 crisis trends are progressively encouraging remote work and a move towards digitalisation. In this webinar, Anke Lindemann and Mithun Mridha, both experienced agilists and organisational transformation consultants will explore the challenges and limits of agility in virtual organisations. How do different cultures interpret Agile Best Practices? What can we learn from the Voices of agile practitioners from different parts of the world? If you do wonder what to apply, adapt and limit in agile frameworks; and what skills and competencies to nurture to succeed in agile virtually, this webinar is for you.

Mithun Mridha is a PPM Expert, Enterprise Architect, Intercultural Enthusiast and an International Speaker. He helps Senior Executives to foster strategic alignment, improve project performance and develop future leaders. www.linkedin.com/in/mithun-mridha

Anke Lindemann is a passionate practitioner in agility, project management and change management, working as a Scrum Master in a multicultural team in a global company www.linkedin.com/in/ankelindemann

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