26 feb 2021


11:00 - 12:00

Quality standards and Ethics for intercultural trainers

What do SIETARs do to ensure quality standards and ethics for Intercultural Trainers?

Have you developed a code of ethics and/or a quality standards document? Is it mandatory to follow it? Or how else do you encourage the quality of your members’ professional practice? Do you offer training or certifications as a national Sietar? Do you have a mentorship program? How do you encourage exchanges between practitioners and academics?

Target audience: board members or representatives of ethics/standards interest groups from National SIETARs.

Registration: board and active members of national SIETARs can register through their SIETAR Europa representative. SIGs can sign up through the Community Development Committee. In the SEU Slack, we have a special channel or contact us at Community@sietareu.org 

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